Why SaffronC?

Our mission is to promote sexual healing from within using all-natural herbs and plants to heal

What is the shelf life?

6 months. For more information, please see the product packaging box.

Where do you get your product formulas? 

The herbal formulas were formulated to heal the person from within. All our formulas were curated by our founder who is a women's health educator (MPH), medicinal herbalist, and a certified yoni practitioner. 

How long does it take for the herbs to work?

If you are used to allopathic "medicines", you may be looking for an immediate effect or result from using our products! Because our natural ingredients and herbs are not isolated substances or chemicalized, healing will be a gradual rather than an instantaneous process. 

Please be patient with your body and allow these amazing products to provide the healing nutrients and properties your body needs to heal and return you to peak sexual wellness.

SaffronC Yoni oil

Is the SaffronC yoni oil safe to use during pregnancy? 

Yoni oil can only be used externally during pregnancy but not directly inside the vagina until 6 weeks postpartum 

Can I use the SaffronC yoni oil when I’m on my period?


Can I use SaffronC yoni oil as a lubricant during sex?

Yes, however, it’s not latex friendly. 

SaffronC Yoni syrup

Can I use it externally on my vagina during sex?

While SaffronC syrup was created to be taken by mouth, you can explore with it however you want.  

Can I use the SaffronC yoni syrup while breastfeeding?


SafffronC Yoni Steam

How often should I use the SaffronC yoni steam?


However, we recommend you steam for 3 consecutive days as soon as you receive your herbal goodies. 

We also recommend that you steam before and after your menstral period. 

Is the yoni steaming safe to use during pregnancy?


I currently have an IUD in place, can I use SaffronC yoni steam?

Please steam for 10 mins only. COOL STEAMS ONLY!

I currently have an active infection, can I use SaffronC yoni steam?


I’m confused on what yoni steam blend to buy

Please send an email to info@saffroncstore.com to book a free consultation

SaffronC Libido Booster Powder

Is this product only for those with little or no interest in sex? 

No, this product is overall great for promoting energy and maintaining healthy hormone levels 

SaffronC Balls

Has this product been tested in a lab?

No. SaffronC balls ingredients are 100% all-natural, chemical-free, no sulfates, preservatives, colors, synthetic additives, or parabens. The ingredients are plant-based activating ingredients that have been clinically proven to promote vagina tightness within weeks. 


Still not convinced?

If you use a total of 4 SaffronC balls and your vagina is still not tight, send us an email and we will gladly refund you the full amount you paid for the SaffronC balls. To date, no one is yet to send an email requesting a refund! The healing properties of this product and the reviews of all the amazing Queens who have tried the SaffronC balls validates its effectiveness. 

Bedroom Bully

Can I take this product every day, not necessarily before sex alone? 

Yes! if your libido is extremely low, take 1 full dropper every day. 

Products For Men

Do you have any products for men?

Yes. The King Tea


Do you ship outside the United States?

Yes, we do.

Can you exclude receipt from the shipment? 

Yes. During your checkout, you may leave a note to make this request. You may also enter a custom request during your checkout, such as discreet packaging 

More Questions?

Our team is more than happy to assist you. Please send an email to info@saffronstore.com