About Us


Ayobami "Bami" is the founder and CEO of SaffronC, a holistic wellness company for feminine wellness. She is a health professional and a women's health educator (MPH) that utilizes herbal medicines for women's health. She created these products because she needed them.

After having her second child, she noticed her libido was not what used to be due to underlying medical problems caused by birth control. In search of a remedy for herself, she took a deep dive into women’s health, she was so committed to this process that she became a women's health educator (MPH) and a medicinal herbalist. After she healed herself, she created SaffronC- a holistic wellness company that supports women to address their sexual wellness concerns.

Bami believes sexual healing is from within and all women deserves to enjoy a great sex life. She also received her MPH degree (Masters in Public Health) from George Washington University Milken Institute of Public Health. Her graduate research focused on women's sexual health with an emphasis on how women’s reproductive health issues lead to postpartum sexual disorder.