How to pleasure yourself

The most frequent personal question I get- will your product make me squirt?
No! Only you, your partner, or your sex toy/toys can make you squirt.
Yes, SaffronC products will totally promote the utmost sexual arousal, and drive good blood flow to your pelvic area which will stimulate sensations in your vagina.
However, reaching that intense pleasure and "squirt" is up to you/your partner.

We all know it's extremely common for a guy to ask "did you cum?" A question that basically validates his ego and can be precisely described as - did I do a good job?

Well, it's no news that most women don't reach orgasms because their partner is focused on his own pleasure.

This may explain why most women don't push for their partners to make them "squirt" when they are still struggling with him to make them "cum". Crazy right?

But guess what, it's extremely easy for women to cum while pleasuring themselves and reaching optimal levels of goals even squirting (for some women).

So, how do you pleasure yourself?

First, get to know your vagina, what does "she" feel like, what does she taste like, where does she love to be touched the most, what makes her wet?
Then just go for it: give her a massage (she would love that). Then touch her slowly and she will let you know what she wants if you've already gotten to know her before trying to please her. By her- I'm referring to your vagina.

Get the SaffronC subscription box (The climax box) and I will teach you how to CUM.
See you on the other side.

** For educational purposes only