I was a guest on “Someday is today” podcast a few months ago. I spoke about the importance of herbal medicine for women’s libido and how I was able to achieve a healthier reproductive health and amazing sex life- from having sex once a few months to almost every day. 

Bola, the host of the show said she has never had sexual problems before, she has a great sex life; I’m talking about good sex you would love to have any time, any day- Whenever your partner calls, you are ready! In fact, you instigate sex often. Yep, that type of good sex life that you had when y’all were in the “hornymoon” phase. Well, Bola never left the hornymoon phase with her husband not even after kids!!! Never, not once. 

Temi our wonderful mutual friend who was also on the show said: “oh my God, Bola you are a unicorn, we should change your name to YONICORN”. Temi was not referring to Bola as a Yonicorn in relation to her sexuality only, she was talking about Bola being magical at everything (life, business, motherhood and as a friend) because that’s who a Yonicorn is- a magical woman!

YONICORN in Relation to Sex 

Yes, women like Bola are so rare and honestly, aside from her, I’m yet to meet a woman on earth who has never had some sexual dysfunctional problem at some point in her lifetime, hey, I’ve been there too. Once upon a time, I was at the hornymoon phase then I dropped to the phase of the sexual problems like every other woman and let me be real with you, that sexual dysfunction or no sexual satisfaction stage is a dead zone. It does not only affect your sex drive, it affects: your emotions, attitude towards life, energy, motherhood or sisterhood but most definitely might affect your relationship with your partner and if you were unlucky like the old me, it might affect your health- I was diagnosed with hormonal imbalance, not fun! Having a sexual dysfunctional problem feels like It’s like the most powerful emotional intelligent weapon you have as a woman has been taken from you. It goes beyond sex! Remember the Beyonce song, who runs the world? When you are going through your problems, you are not running anything! Not even your own body or libido. 

Did you know according to a study in 2019, only 2 of 5 women are fully satisfied after sex with their partner? This study was not conducted 30 years ago, it was conducted last year (2019). Now, imagine if all women in the world participated in that study, that number will definitely change to - 0 women are not fully satisfied after sex with their partner. Let’s be real, we all know “we” women fake it most of the time during sex but, not SaffronC Queens! If there was a worldwide survey of women’s sexual satisfaction with their partner, my customers and clients will be the only women that are FULLY satisfied. I work with my clients not only to improve their libido but also to grow their inner strength using SaffronC herbs, plants, and libido-boosting food. Their man will be running from them as my husband mostly does when my libido is raving. No joke, that’s a story for another day. 

For centuries women have been deprived of everything- power, rights, equal pay, making decisions about our body, now sex! Aside from other underlying medical conditions, women are sexually deprived because of everything we bare on your heart, shoulders, and wombs but I am here to help. I had my own hormonal imbalance issue that affected my libido, but now I am a YONICORN, I am a magical woman and I would love for you to join dozens of women that I have worked with from different cultures and backgrounds and find your inner magic.

The theme for the SaffronC box this month is yonicorn. Do you want to be a yonicorn too? Start from here, only a few 📦  left. Order yours today.


‘Bami Durosinmi

Health Educator (MPH)

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner