Vaginal Odor

Have you ever had an awkward experience where you smelled a sister sitting next to you, but you didn’t judge her because you understand what she’s going through? This may be because you’ve had your own episode of vaginal odor in the past - during sexy time, after your period, when you are nervous, at a public space, after childbirth?!! The truth is, your vaginal should have a smell! But it shouldn’t smell bad. 

It’s also important to note that you may have an episode of vaginal odor especially after the menstrual cycle is over, particularly, if you are a person of color. Did you know Black women are highly vulnerable to reproductive health problems? (Vaginal odor, Vaginal dryness, PCOS, Fibroids, POI, Endometriosis, IC, BV, Yeast infection, and so on). While we can all point the touch at the systematic racism that has empowered doctors to ignore the frequent complaint of vaginal odor by a BIPOC. However, I want you to know that difference in the vaginal microbe of BIPOC makes us prone to these issues especially vaginal odor and vaginal dryness. 

Now, before you go on a shopping spree looking for cosmetics for your vagina, I will highly recommend you stay away from those toxic products and invest in the holistic approach to a healthy vaginal flora. So, what’s the holistic approach? 

  1. No Soap!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I cannot emphasize this enough, please stop using soap to wash your beautiful delicate yoni. All you need is water. Why? Because soap may throw off your PH-balance which could lead to vaginal odor.

  1. Yoni Steam

Oh, she loves to be steamed! You need to invest in a yoni steaming regime every month and I guarantee you that your vaginal odor, BV, yeast infection episodes will be over FOREVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


Steam for 3 consecutive days as soon as you receive your product, then once every other week until the severity of the odor reduces. 

Write this down: Always steam before and after your period, and you will never experience any embarrassing odor episode again. 

  1. Yoni Oil

Yoni oil does not allow promotes good vaginal flora, it also moisturizes your vagina. Yes, you need to moisturize your yoni everyday especially if you are a BIPOC to prevent vaginal dryness. 

  1. Yoni Heal

This product ease persistent and strong vaginal odor from the inside out. 

Well, that’s it! 

Side note: I was clearing out my cluttered garage today because I saw rat droplets, the spirit told me that Queens are not adopting a monthly yoni steam regime because they don’t have any feminine hygiene issue at the moment! DON’T WAIT until you have vaginal odor, BV, Yeast infection, heavy period flow, PMS, or other reproductive issues before you steam. 

Don’t wait for months as I did before clearing out my garage, now my back hurts so bad LOL. 

Remember, sexual wellness begins within.

Peace and Love Queens.