The power of yoni steam

Happy new year tribe! 
As we say goodbye to another decade, I wish you blessings, joy, and abundance in the year ahead. 
  So, what's all the fuzz about yoni steaming and what does it even mean? 
Yoni is the Sanskrit word for the vaginal, the origin of life, sacred place or the womb. Yoni steaming goes back thousands of years. It is being practiced in many indigenous cultures around the world- Mine included. It is practiced in Africa, Asia, India, Caribbean nations and some parts of Central America. It's basically an ancient practice that promotes female wellness.
For most women, their first experience with vagina steaming (without the herbs) was probably after giving birth. The hospital gives you a sitz bath to take home, while your Doctor encourages you to steam once or two times a day to cleanse blood residues from your uterus and to heal your uterus faster. Most women did not try vaginal steaming beyond postpartum, nor did they try it with steaming herbs.
  While there are a lot of controversies around yoni steaming, particularly the fact that the vaginal is self-cleansing. As a certified yoni practitioner and a health educator, I can tell you from a professional standpoint that yoni steaming does not cleanse your vagina or your vulva, because your vaginal is self-cleansing! When you get yoni steam, the warmth of steam and the medicinal properties of the herbs penetrate the exterior of the vaginal and enters the body through the vaginal. Yoni steaming supports the healing of the vagina. Yoni steaming does not only heal the yoni, but it also boosts libido, increases vaginal wetness, tightness, hormone balancing, releases toxins from the body, strengthens the womb for pregnancy and so much more. The vagina goes through a lot! Whether monthly period, cramps, pain, BV, infections, childbirth, postpartum recovery or sexual traumas. Yoni steaming is powerful and a must-try for all women. 
  You need to clear that build up this new year.  Looking forward to an amazing year with a healthy Vagina

Peace and love,