The Black Yoni

Yoni is the Sanskrit word for “vagina”. So, when people refer to me as the Yoni Queen, they are literally calling me - The vagina Queen. Most people use the word yoni because it’s not vulgar or provocative, we will address the absurdity of people calling a body part vulgar later.  

So, the black yoni A.K.A the black vagina is all over the news. The recent WAP song by CardiB and Megan Thee Stallion started a debate- whether “expressing what a black yoni taste/feel like is APPROPRIATE”. When I think of black yoni; I see beauty, power, strength, and resiliency. SHE has been through a lot due to systematic racism- black maternal mortality I.e low level of care just because you have a BLACK VAGINA

Society tags black yonis as unattractive or tacky, never to be talked about let alone create a song that is now no 1 on the billboard. Controversies about vaginas particularly black vaginas has caused a lot of black women not to embrace the beauty of their black yonis. The WAP song explained the extreme wetness that black yonis have, but in contrast, black women are more likely to experience vagina dryness. Why? Ethnicity factors? Other confounding factors such as inadequate level of care? Systematic racism that allows a doctor to ignore a young black woman that keeps complaining of pain during sex. 

Regardless, black vaginas can be juicy and dripping in healthy delicious vagina juice that you will need “a bucket and a mop to clean the floor”.  I have a black yoni and SHE is African. Something about African yonis is that; THEY BIRTH NATIONS! 

Your black yoni is beautiful mama, embrace HER.