Marriage and Sex

Sex is the most natural and sacred human experience.  I believe when God created marriage he recognizes how sex will bless the union with intimacy and fruitfulness.  However, this sacred and pleasurable act that was supposed to bring happiness, satisfaction, and pleasure might bring the opposite.

Why? Because women easily lose interest in sexy time when it becomes a "chore". Other life stressors, hormone fluctuations, and other natural events like childbirth can also add to it.

We live in a society where there is so much shame in sharing our sexual experience, so women keep their lack of sex to themselves when sex becomes unpleasant or unbearable in marriage.  How will you find help if you don't share your lack of sexytime with your girlfriends or your inner circle?

If you are married and you are not having or enjoying sex read till the end!

1. Talk to your partner about this lack of sexual satisfaction in your marriage, because it's important to address what's causing the lack of intimacy or satisfaction. Maybe the problem is WHERE and HOW you and your partner have sex.
For example, if you prefer to have sex at a particular time or you prefer a particular style until you get your mojo back, tell your partner! Also, if there are other issues (lack of communication, trust issues e.t.c) Talk to your partner!!!
It's important to note that you are not going to find your sexual healing if you and your partner don't address the deeper issues.

2. Heal with herbs
Check out our aphrodisiac collection in the store.  But if you are more of a DIY mama, I recommend you try Maca. This amazing herb increases libido over time, but will it work for you? I can't guarantee that because there various adulterated types out there but I can guarantee SaffronC will work because it has worked for hundreds of women all over the world.

You are love, and you are LOVED! 

Peace and love,