I am very Fertile!

This is blog post is dedicated to my Jane, the Thousands of women who are struggling with infertility or other reproductive challenges. I love you! I have stood with friends and clients through their feminine struggles, I’m here for you, and my herbal heart is with you. 

I was on the phone with a friend some days ago, from random talks we diverted to birth control. I told her I’m looking forward to taking out the implant which I currently have in my arm; I’ve gained over 25 pounds in 6 months and I’m 100% certain as soon I take it off I will be back to my previous weigh before the implant (155lbs).

My friend asked:

What about the rhythm method

 Me :

Nah, never again

Condoms- No, thank you

FAM- Aint nobody got time to be tracking menstrual cycle and be recording when last I saw aunty Flo. 

Withdrawal method- oh hell no, aside from the fact that it is not 90% effective, the withdrawal method is such a mood killer! The dude might pull out at the point of climax.

My friend kept going on with her questions, I told her, “I’m very fertile I need to be on any form of birth control that is at least 98% effective or I will get pregnant. She was confused, so I explained to her that, I know my beautiful uterus so well, my Lady is always ready to cling to swimmers like a dog with a delicious bone. The same day we had the conversation about fertility, I came across a celebrity page; where she was sharing her fertility stories, this is about the time I was discussing my own fertility. This life is so damn funny! The same day I was complaining that I’m fertile, another amazing woman is going through fertility struggles. 

Then I thought about JANE, you see “my Jane” is not only a client, but she’s also my sister, we share everything, our love, pain, happiness, and life struggles, we even share the same birthday month, the only thing we did not share the same uterus. She’s my sister from another mother, I don’t have words to explain how much of a person she is. We are not related by birth or adoption yet she became my sister, and I love my Jane! SO DAMN MUCH. 

So, imagine when my Jane told me she has not ovulated for one year, she has not seen her period for one year and she sure knows she’s not ovulating. After a series of tests, we found out she had prolactinoma, I’ve never worked with anyone that has that condition. Basically, it means she might not be fertile. Hmm, well she thought so, but I assured her that God has blessed my hands and God knows how much I always pray for her every day and I will not stop creating till she gets her reproductive health back for good. I created yoni steams for her and she does her steaming every other week or anytime life permits. Finally, we got good news. She’s ovulating and her last period came two days early!!! Just look at GOD.

I know there are a lot of women out there like my Jane that when they got diagnosed with some health issue especially reproductive health, the last thing on their mind was their health but what exactly this means “Will I be able to have a kid?” “Am I fertile?  I’m sure you have heard this over and over again, but I’m saying this from my heart- Mama don’t you worry, God’s got you. I’m with you and you will get through this struggle! If you are going through similar reproductive health struggles like Jane or if you are on any form of birth control especially the pill and you want to balance the side effects of the birth control, book an appointment with me. 

‘Bami Durosinmi

Health Educator (MPH)

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner