How to Make Yoni Steam herbs at home


11:14 pm on a Sunday night and I was doing Yoni steaming. I was enjoying my yoni steam session and a client I spoke to last week crossed my mind. I told her to get the SaffronC yoni steam and other aphrodisiac products she wanted to buy but it kinda sounded like I was forcing her to get the yoni steam. 

She said: I don’t like inserting things into my vagina (No, you don’t INSERT yoni steam herbs into your vagina). I don’t have the time for it (You can do it anytime, any day), and so on. So, I told her, SaffronC yoni steam is the first product I recommend you use before you proceed to other SaffronC products, she asked why and I replied- that’s the way it’s done in my practice. She started making excuses again so I declined to work with her. 

Regardless, I gave her some free advice. I told her she can make her yoni steam herbs using whatever herbs she has in her kitchen. However, I did not warn her that: owambe (party) Jollof rice is different from the regular Jollof rice you’d cook in your kitchen. In case you are confused, I’m Nigerian and party Jollof rice is the best thing on earth. If you have never had Nigerian party jollof, please write it down in your bucket list. All I am trying to say is: high-end restaurant food tastes different from the food you’d cook in your kitchen. Even if you follow the recipe! 

Yes, you can put together a quick yoni steam herbs in your kitchen, but you can never formulate a perfect yoni steam like a yoni practitioner like myself- leave it the professionals. Why? Quality, Quantity, Knowledge, and Formulating. 

So, how to make yoni steam herbs at home?

Bring 1 cup of water to a boil, add Thyme, Oregano, and Basil. Let it boil for 5 mins, transfer it into your sitz bath kit, let it cool down for 7-10 mins. Sit on your sitz bath kit for 15 to 30 mins. 

Why thyme? Why oregano? Why Basil? Will this herbal blend work?  Do I need more?

Remember, leave it to the professionals. Owambe Jollof is different from your home-cooked Jollof!!! 

SaffronC yoni steam is $35 and it will last you for 10 to 12 steams. Also, it’s customized for you, and yes, it’s made by me- the Yoni Queen