Healing Trauma

TRAUMA; this is a big word that cuts deep and different for everyone. There are big, small, or persistent traumas that WE may have experienced at some point in our lives. I used the word “WE” because most people have experienced some sort of trauma (emotional, physical, womb trauma, childbirth trauma, sexual abuse, child abuse, societal experience, and our own individual struggles) in the past or present. 

Healing our trauma is powerful! It gives us the freedom to move through the mental, emotional, spiritual, and physical stages of healing and save ourselves from the bigger problems that our traumas may cause in the future. Please note this healing is extremely important because we mostly suppress our feelings towards our traumas. In fact, if we don’t suppress our traumas, our brains protect us by fading out the memory of the traumatic experience. 

As we open ourselves up to healing we will gain the power to transform our experience because we are not our traumas! It’s time to let go Queen and I am honored to be a part of your journey. 

Join the tribe of amazing women that are embarking on the healing journey this month, we are letting go of our pasts and welcoming the new “US”. 

SaffronC Box (The Trauma Healing Box) is focused on healing our traumas TOGETHER! The herbal blessings in this box are loaded with plant magic that will transform our minds, soothe our nerves and bodies (Tea), heal womb or childbirth traumas (Yoni Steam), calm our nerves daily and uplift our spirits (Essential oil).

Get yours today.  This is to healing together! 

I love you.