Thank you Jesus for the gift of life. Thank you for grace, abundance, good health, and my heightened libido. Thank you for healing me from the inside out and blessing me with optimal wellness. Amen.

I learned from the renowned Micheal Beckwith that “it’s important to be thankful for the things you do not currently have”.  I do thank God every day for everything I have, especially the things I don’t currently have. Micheal taught me when I thank God for the things I want/ don’t have,  and God will provide those things. Believe me when I say- I thanked God for hundreds of amazing women to subscribe to my email list, and here you are! 

Yeah, thanking GOD for your libido as a married woman might seem like a joke, but I’m just trying to emphasize why it’s important to be thankful when you are healing. I’m also thankful I did not learn this life-changing prayer when I was going through my hormonal imbalance, maybe I would have used conventional medicine- I would not have birthed SaffronC and I would not have met y’all. You MAMAS have been a blessing to my life!!! Ever since I learned this HOPE prayer, I have taught my clients the prayer and now I’m teaching you.

Clients with vagina dryness- I am thankful for my healthy vagina juice

Clients with low libido- I am thankful for my heightened libido

Now, this is what I wish I could say to them but I have to be professional, of course:  “I am thankful for my sensual, always in the mood, and heightened libido”. 

All I’m trying to say is- be explicit! It might not be sexual health issues, it might be your living condition or your bank account (thank GOD for those millions in your account right now). Anything you do not have, thank GOD for it. 

Why do I keep saying, GOD? Because I am a GOD girl. And if you don’t believe in GOD, I still love you, Queenly!

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Remember to say your HOPE prayer, Queens.